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Assumption of Mary

Welcome to All For Mary, a Web site dedicated to Mary the Mother of Jesus. In these pages, you will find lots of information about Mary the Mother of Jesus from a Catholic perspective, as well as a library of American Saints.

Visit our Apparitions of Mary page to learn about the places and circumstances surrounding Mary the Mother of Jesus appearing on Earth, including those that have been approved by the Catholic church as “worthy of belief”, and those that are still awaiting official approval from the Catholic Church.

Every month, we post Fr. Bob’s Commentary, a popular reflection on the Medjugorje Messages given by¬† Mary the Mother of Jesus to visionaries in the small Bosnian town of Medjugorje. Fr. Bob’s Commentary has brought hope and happiness to hundreds of readers for several years, and we have preserved each of his reflections on this Web site. Whether you are just learning about Our Lady of Medjugorje, or have been a follower of the Medjugorje Messages for many years, Fr. Bob’s reflections on the Medjugorje Messages is certain to touch your heart.

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The American Saint section of this site is a compilation of all the Saints that come from the United States. We have compiled this list throughout the years, and always welcome new insights into saints, blesseds, or holy men and women who we may have overlooked. If you have a favorite American saint or blessed who is not on this site, please contact us.

There are also pages containing the documents written by the Popes on Mary, Marian Feast Days, Marian Dogmas and Devotions to Mary.

Throughout the site, you will find sections to leave a comment about Mary the Mother of Jesus, any American Saint you can think of, the numerous Apparitions of Mary, and many other topics. The comments are moderated, and we ask you to keep the comments respectful.

Enjoy the site!

  • About This Site

    This Web site was founded in 2002 as a tribute to the Mother of Jesus. It was created with love to document the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints of the Catholic Church who hail from the United States.

    All For Mary's founder, Ron Venditti, passed away in 2007, but his legacy continues here in these pages.
    This site is dedicated to Ron.
    Ron Venditti