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  1. Glenda Canfield  •  Sep 16, 2010 @2:33 am

    This is a superb site! I am leading a Bible Study of 40 women on Mary this year in Blacksburg, Va., and I will highly recommend their exploration of your web site. About 15 members are Korean, so I cannot wait to tell them of your translation ability! My favorite part is the saints’ commentary on Mary. I have had a friend forward me Fr Bob’s Commentary for quite a while now, and I have used it on Radio Maria programming (as I have produced a Bible Study program for them for several years). I’m excited to find the log of Father Bob’s past commentaries!

  2. Terrie Cohill  •  Sep 16, 2010 @4:14 am

    I look up a lot of sites on my Catholic faith. A friend sent me your link and I have found it delightful! It is to the point, clearly written and just has that gentleness about it that makes me feel like a friend. The material is given in a way that is inviting. I will definitely be passing this link on to many. Maybe we can even get it published in the bulletin!

    Thanks for the hard work. My husband is a specialist in site design so I know making it easy to access, navigate and read, takes a lot of hard work. It is an art.

    Thank you all who worked on this site.

  3. admin  •  Sep 16, 2010 @2:39 pm

    Glenda and Terrie, welcome! We’re so glad to have you here. We’re adding new features each week to the site, so be sure to check back often. And we love that you’re telling your friends about us – thank you! God bless you!

  4. Martha Morris  •  Sep 17, 2010 @2:19 am

    This website is beautiful to look at, and logically laid out. I have to say, there are two categories of websites that for some reason are generally messy and hard to navigate: craft websites and religious websites! (why this is, I have no idea)… This one, however, is neither messy nor difficult to navigate. What a great resource. Thank you!

    I do have one question — who is Fr. Bob? I am embarrassed to ask this question because the website reads as if it should be obvious, but I thought you should know that is an unanswered question to the newcomer. (I spent a little time on the site looking for the answer, but after 30 minutes I still don’t know who he is, with all due respect)…

  5. admin  •  Sep 17, 2010 @2:30 am

    Thank you Martha! I’m laughing as I respond to your note, because we had a page for a while called, “Who Is Fr. Bob?” And it remained empty, so when we launched the new site, we removed it. We’re working on getting his bio on the site, but he’s very busy. So… the answer is… stay tuned… his bio is coming soon!

  6. Rose  •  Sep 30, 2011 @3:50 am

    Thank you Mother Mary for all prayers answered. I pray for the healing of my family tree living and dead, families conversion,those suffering from cancer and the recently deceased, for our Healing Mass Friday 7th October, our Wed., night Prayer Group, please ask Jesus to visit us with His Legion of Angels and protect us. For all the Priests I’m praying for and Fr Tom’s healing of cancer. I also pray for Jenny’s healing and my own, I need to be 100% to work for the Kingdom.
    Thank you Mother Mary love to Jesus & St.Joseph. Your loving daughter Rose

  7. Sandy  •  May 27, 2012 @1:23 am

    I was looking at your list of American saints….wouldn’t that include Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe? Or is it just a North American list?



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