Fr Bob: Lent- Transformation into Christ

Fr. Bob's Commentary, Medjugorje


February 25, 2010 Message

“Dear children! In this time of grace, when nature also prepares to give the most beautiful colors of the year, I call you, little children, to open your hearts to God the Creator for Him to transform and mould you in His image, so that all the good which has fallen asleep in your hearts may awaken to a new life and a longing towards eternity. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

March 2, 2010 Message

“Dear children. In this special time of your effort to be all the closer to my Son, to His suffering, but also to the love with which He bore it, I desire to tell you that I am with you. I will help you to triumph over errors and temptations with my grace. I will teach you love, love which wipes away all sins and makes you perfect, love which gives you the peace of my Son now and forever. Peace with you and in you, because I am the Queen of Peace. Thank you.”

Lent: Transformation into Christ

A. Open Your Hearts to God the Creator.

1. Recognize Your Father. God chose us to be a special and unique image of Himself. He looked forward eagerly to the moment we would appear on this earth, and, as He said, He shed a tear of happiness when we were born. In His infinite wisdom, goodness and providence, He has carefully arranged all the circumstances of our life down to the least detail. He created us out of love, and, as a loving Father, He awaits patiently for the response of our love – that moment when we  realize how caring a Father He is, and then leap into His arms as an expression of our love and thanksgiving.

2. Give Him Your Heart in total surrender. He is the source of all our blessings and the center of our lives. As our Creator, He has to be Number One. But He has given us free will and never forces us. We have to choose Him. “I am calling you to complete surrender to God. You, dear children, are not conscious of how God loves you with such a great love. Therefore, forsake everything and give your time to God.” (3-25-88)

3. Speak with Him. “Today I call you, through prayer, to open yourselves to God as a flower opens itself to the rays of the morning sun.” (4-25-88) “Grow in love. A flower is not able to grow normally without water. So also you, dear children, are not able to grow without God’s blessing. Each day you need to seek His blessing so that you will perform all your actions in union with God.”

B. Let Him Transform and Mould You.

1. Transform. Our Lady’s messages are always commentaries on the words and events of her Son Jesus. She is obviously thinking of the Transfiguration of Our Lord on the first Sunday of Lent three days later, when Our Lord surrendered His life to the Will of the Father. Transformation implies a radical change of the heart, not a superficial change like changing our clothes or demeanor.

2. Mould. The Father wishes to transform us into little children so that we can enter His kingdom or rule and become images of His Son. Children are naturally    dependent on their parents and look to them for everything. Thus, they are   attentive to their wishes for their well-being.

3. Listen. At the Transfiguration the Father said: “This is my Beloved Son; Listen to Him.” Jesus said 75% of all our troubles come from not listening to Him. He is constantly speaking to us through His Words of Scripture and to those attentive to His whispers in prayer. Our Lady is the best example, so much so that St. Augustine called her the “mould of God.”

C. Our Lady is with Us “To Awaken to a New Life.”

1.“To Be Closer to My Son, to His suffering, but also to the love with which He bore it.” In the Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus she asks us to pray: “O Good Jesus, make us open our hearts to You at least in the moment we remember Your Passion suffered for us.”

2. “To Triumph Over Errors and Temptations with my grace.” She asks us to pray: “Protect me from all dangers, then lead me and guide me.”

3.“To Love which wipes away all sins, makes you perfect and gives you peace.” She asks us to pray: “By means of Your goodness, Your love and Your grace, save us. We desire to be yours. Give us the grace to be merciful to you. Give us the grace to love everyone as you have loved Jesus Christ.”

-Rev. Robert Hughes, S.M.

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