Fr Bob: Living with Mary

Fr. Bob's Commentary, Medjugorje


“Dear children! Also today I bring you my blessing, I bless you all and I call you to grow on this way, which God has begun through me for your salvation. Pray, fast and joyfully witness your faith, little children, and may your heart always be filled with prayer. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Living With Mary

A. Today I Bring You My Blessing: My Motherly Presence.

1. Mary’s Presence. So often Our Lady has offered us her “blessing” or her “Motherly blessing” which is always the gift of her presence. It is so important for us to accept the gift of her love and to thank her each day for it. She has always insisted that she is our Mother and that she wants to be a constant part of our life. “God sent me to help you,” she says; “I am your Mother,” “I will protect you.” “I  am with you to instruct you,” “I want to guide you,” etc.

2.Union of Hearts. “Know that I love you; know that you are all mine.” (2-25-84) “I wish to be with you constantly with the heart. I give you my heart; accept it!” (10-29-83) “Give me your hearts; I desire to change them completely.” (2-13-84) “I pour out my blessings over you, and my heart wishes to be with you.” (10-26-83) “I desire to stay in your heart and for you to stay in mine.” (2-24-84) Our hearts should melt as we read these words.

3. Our Response. The daily renewal of our Consecration to Mary’s Immaculate Heart should be filled with a loving response to Our Lady’s words as we surrender ourselves completely to her care. Jesus said once: “The sign that you love Me is to think of Me often.” We think of our Mother constantly when we walk in her presence, consult her at every turn, listen and respond.

B. The Saints Teach Us How.

1. St. John Vianney. Our Lady appeared to the Cure of Ars “standing by the fireplace, clad in a robe of dazzling white sewn with golden roses, her shoes white as snow, her hands gleamed with the richest diamonds, her brow circled with a crown of stars shining like the sun. I saw her smile sweetly. I cried out: ‘Take me to heaven.’ Her response: ‘You will always be my child and I shall always be your Mother.’ Her presence was heaven on earth!”

2. St. Martin de Porres. His earthly father rejected him because he was a mulatto, so he went to a nearby Church to greet his Heavenly Father. There he discovered a chapel to Our Lady and entrusted himself to her.

a. He asked Our Lady to bring him to Jesus. She told him to pray before the crucifix. He begged some candle stubs from the owner of the house where he was staying, and lit them before a crucifix. The curious owner looked through the keyhole and saw Martin, arms outstretched, weeping in prayer.

b. He asked Our Lady to show him Jesus. Our Lady told him to pray in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. He spent whole afternoons there in prayer. When he went to Holy Communion ‘he was like a burning coal.’

c. He asked Our Lady to show him the face of Jesus. Our Lady told him to go into the city of Lima and to visit the sick. He studied medicine and spent his  life ministering to them, often curing them miraculously.

d. He joined the Dominicans as a lay associate and asked Our Lady how to grow in the spiritual life. She asked him to build up his desire to be with Jesus by using every opportunity to acknowledge His presence. He walked through the monastery stopping at every picture and statue to say a little prayer.

3. St. Therese of Lisieux. She lost her mother at an early age and asked Mary to be her mother. She also asked her to prepare her every time she received Holy Communion by helping her cleanse her heart, bringing her angels to sing in welcome of Jesus and to share her love for Jesus.

C. Our Lady is Waiting at the door of our hearts to help us at each moment. We should welcome her with great joy and ask her at each moment how we can walk in the presence of God and embrace Jesus at every turn…in our prayer, our fasting, witnessing to our faith, this is how to pray continually.

-Rev. Robert Hughes, S.M.

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